Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Entrepreneurs

Join today and experience more ease, income and impact in your personal and professional life.

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® (HSE) you are genetically coded to experience a higher level of success and prosperity – but you must learn to be comfortable in your highly sensitive skin first. Our online leadership training program is specifically designed to help highly sensitive entrepreneurs just like you break free of overwhelm and powerfully serve from your natural-born strengths.

What to Expect…

During Pre-Enrollment

A Business Miracles enrollment coach will walk you through the enrollment process to help you gain a clear understanding of what’s holding you back and identify which unique leadership training program we provide is the right fit for you.

#1: Schedule Your Clarity Call

To start your journey, you will first request to schedule your clarity call.

The purpose of this intimate, 1:1 discussion with a Business Miracles enrollment coach is to help you gain a better understanding of yourself as a highly sensitive, where you are on your journey and for us to explore if the leadership training program is the best fit for you at this time.

#2: Complete Your Clarity Call

Leading up to this call, you may feel as though you want to back out – we strongly encourage you to stay with this transformational process.

During this complimentary 1:1 call, a Business Miracles enrollment coach will work with you to identify what’s holding you back as a highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE) and guide you through our powerful and specially designed for HSEs ‘clear decision making’ exercise.

”Having someone identify something that I didn’t want to admit or that I was resisting was powerful, this happened in the clarity call…this was one of the things that made me feel seen. Someone bringing up something that wasn’t helping me, that was getting in my way.”

~ Ennis, Highly Sensitive Leader and Social Impact Entrepreneur, Philadelphia

As A Member

Once you’ve determined which program is the right fit for you, your private kickoff coach will lead you through how to use the program in the way that works best for you.

#3: Complete Kickoff Coaching Call

A 1:1 kickoff coaching call will be scheduled within your first week of enrolling in the program.

During this call, you will meet with your private kickoff coach who will get to know you and how you work best while walking you through how to utilize every aspect of your training program. You will also take our Highly Sensitive Leadership Track Assessment™ to determine which leadership curriculum track is the right fit for you.

#4: Dive Into Your Custom Leadership Curriculum Track

You’ll gain instant access to your online learning center immediately following your kickoff coaching call.

Here you’ll find everything you need to dive into your leadership training. This includes access to your Highly Sensitive Leadership Curriculum Track, live weekly training sessions and roundtables with Mentor Heather Dominick, access to the Business Miracles private, non-social-media forum, and additional trainings and resources to support you with creating what you want with less effort.

#5: Join the Community + Receive Ongoing Support

Join our private, non-social-media forum.

Here you’ll be able to receive continual support and guidance from Mentor Heather Dominick, the Business Miracles coach team and like-minded, highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world.

“I’ve been in the program for about three years, and trying to get used to being in business, as it’s my first one ever. I just don’t think I could have done it without [A Course In Business Miracles]. It’s business help, but it’s also like therapy as well. It’s a life transformation is what it is.“

~ Nikki, Highly Sensitive Leader and Yoga Studio Owner, Winston Salem