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Ready to stop the story of “what’s wrong with me”?

The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs are NOT for everyone. First, the research shows there are only 20% of us in the world who are highly sensitive. From there over a decade experience has shown me an even smaller percentage feel the call to be self-employed. And from there, an even smaller percent has what it takes to do, what I call, “the real work” to master having their nervous system work for them rather than against them.

It requires a high level of willingness and a deep desire to change the story you’ve been living up until now of secretly and shamefully feeling like there’s something wrong with you, that you’ll never be enough or able to have the business and life success you want without it killing you. It takes wanting that secret, internal suffering to end more than being ok continuing to live with the strange yet also familiar comfort of it.

If you desire to use your leadership training to grow a business, it also requires having at minimum a basic understanding of marketing and selling even if, especially if, they haven’t been working so well for you up until now.

Is this you? If yes, then it makes sense for us to have a conversation to explore if indeed The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs ARE for you because from this place, you are poised to truly learn how to do things differently, so you are working less while making more – impact and income. The reward is extraordinary.

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