My name is Heather Dominick and I am the founder and leader of the
Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® movement.


I have been a student of A Course In Miracles for over 30 years and am, myself, a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur who has been successfully self-employed for over a decade, including creating 7-figure success.


But it wasn’t always this way…


Let me just give you a snapshot of my past.


* My mother died when I was fourteen. I’ve been working every day of my life since.


* No one has paid my way for anything. Ever.


* I created $75,000 in student loan debt because I thought I had to go to a fancy school to prove how worthy I was.


* I lived through 9-11. Less than 2 miles from ground zero. But I had to file bankruptcy 6 months later.


And I brought all of this with me into my business when I became self-employed over 10 years ago. I can remember my first year in business as I was processing my clients payments I felt like I was going to physically be sick. That’s when I realized something was really off here.


It was obvious I had a tumultuous relationship with money, but I didn’t know how to fix it.


A Course In Miracles defines a miracle as, “a shift in perception”.
So, I did the only thing I could which was to make a commitment to changing my relationship with money. I committed to a shift in perception.


When asked about the secret to her success, Barbra Streisand responded: "At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you."


I have discovered that this is true.


I dove deep, for many years, into multiple teachings, trainings and tools in order to honor my commitment. What I didn’t realize at the time, but now understand deeply, is that the arena of money is the place for deep spiritual healing for those of us who are highly sensitive because for most of us, somewhere along the way, we received the message that “you aren’t good with money” simply because the “other 80%” of the world tends to deal with money in a different way than we would naturally choose.


What I learned is that I can have a very healthy relationship with money when I use my HSE® Strengths to do just that.


Most importantly, what came out of that
deep time of self-study was...


➜ A deeper connection to my true, prosperous, “all sufficiency” spiritual self.


➜ More ease when creating physical financial success.


➜ My ability to serve and support others with the same inner and outer transformational journey.


Everything that I have learned, healed and transformed is now what I offer to you. I understand that there are many “money trainings” on the market, but what I’ve been told by hundreds of HSEs who have benefited from this course is that actually there isn’t anything like this out there, anywhere. I sense it is because what I share with you in this training is raw, real and fresh from my own experience of being bankrupt to owning a million-dollar business.


If I can do it, you can, too.


It's all about MORE reward and revenue, with grace and ease.

I will guide you step by step through the 5 Business Miracles Prosperity Principles that will explode the money myths out there and help you to avoid the money mindset mistakes. I am going to give you the KEYS to no more struggle with feast or famine income generation.

This is about realizing that your faith needs to come from understanding that your desire (for business success or any desire) is a divine plan for your life and you will not find any real satisfaction in anything else you do. You can't fail; you can only quit. As long as you seek your inner truth it will manifest, even if it takes time. Never let the ignorant opinion of another person stop you from acting with faith – even if you make a mistake.

With Principle #1, you will:

• Learn to activate faith consistently.
• Discover the two things your ego-mind will try to tell you about money, why they aren’t true and why you must change your thought track immediately when you begin to think this way.
• Release limiting beliefs.
• Relieve negative self-talk.
• Let go of sabotaging behaviors with money.
• Bolster your ability to receive in your business – unapologetically.

Because personal and energetic responsibility is empowering and supports you with being in your HSE Strengths, with this principle you will be invited to look at yourself and your life and find any area where you currently blame and give your energy and your power away.

With Principle #2, you will:

• Uncover the magic and miracles behind a key question: If I had the power to make this how I want it now, what would that change for me?
• Bring your "4 Energy Quadrants" into alignment.
• Learn to release money overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty.
• Step into your HSE Strengths so you can create, manifest and receive all that you desire.

There is a major difference between service and servitude. When you are in your HSE Shadow of wanting to “people please” servitude can take over, but in truth serving the highest good of all includes you and your business. It is your “Royal Advisor” role to receive an energetic exchange (money) for the service you are providing so that the energy of commitment to prosperity is activated for both you and your clients. If you aren’t clear about this then you are actually counteracting the energy of service, and instead engaging the energy of servitude that is about lack, resentment, and depletion. This is a disservice to all involved.

With Principle #3, you will:

• Gain clarity about how to talk about your business from a prosperity consciousness.
• Recognize if you are predominately an “Entitled Queen”, “Regal Queen” or “Scullery Maid”, how this is manifesting in your business and life and what to do about it.
• Free yourself from the fear of selling.
• Develop ease when talking about your rates.
• Understand what it means to truly lead in your business and how money responds to this.

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur one of your Strengths is your ability to vision. Outrageous dreams are valuable because they expand your belief system and carve wider neural pathways in your brain, by which your good may be delivered to you. Even if you do not achieve your highest desires immediately, you will attain far more than you would have if you had only entertained a smaller dream. The mind is very powerful. If you’re still thinking, “I just want to pay the bills …”, then what you’ll get is just being able to pay the bills.

With Principle #4, you will:

• Get very clear about who is the master of your mind: ego or Spirit?
• Learn that the energy of commitment is one of the most powerful energies you can stand in during your lifetime.
• Uncover the unconscious commitments you’ve chosen therefore bringing you difficulty, struggle, and heartache.
• Get very clear about where you are focusing your commitment energy.
• Get very clear about where you want to be focusing your energy of commitment.
• Create a “Change of Commitment” plan.

One of the major mistakes Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs make is trying to build their business completely by themselves. You believe you shouldn’t have to rely on collaboration with others or that you don’t have anything of real value to offer another entrepreneur, or you are embarrassed by the idea of benefiting from another entrepreneur’s connections, or, you find yourself in a major HSE Shadow of wanting to control everything so much that there isn’t any room for creating partnerships.

Even though, as HSEs, we lean toward being on our own in order to manage overwhelm, the key to this principle is that we are not meant to grow, work or live in isolation. The power of energies joined is more powerful than simply one. However, there is an energetic key to activating the full ease of joining with others for the highest benefit of all. It’s just that most of us were never taught how to do this. Even if we think we want collaboration, secretly we are comparing, competing and feeling limiting energies of jealousy and unworthiness.

With Principle #5, you will:

• Lift all of these lower energies and HSE Shadow tendencies.
• Establish the full confidence within yourself and your ability.
• Form the skills of how to effectively collaborate with others to create more prosperity for all.

Here’s What You Will Receive In the
Business Miracles Money Mindset Training

Four Training Call Audios with me, Business Miracles Mentor, Heather Dominick.

4 Power-packed 60-Minute Audios where you will be trained in-depth with one step of the Business Miracles Money Mindset Inner Formula for 6-Figure PLUS Success. You'll receive instant access to the full audio recordings, so you'll be able to listen to each training as many times as you like.


Four Training Call Transcripts for each Training Call Audio

Your audios will be accompanied by a full transcript and supporting action sheets, exercises and resources. You’ll also receive worksheets, handouts, and templates, including anything referred to or discussed during the four power-packed trainings. You are encouraged to make use of these in your business right away.



Heather’s Money Mindset Training Works!

Since taking the Money Mindset Training Intensive with Heather Dominick, I am way more relaxed about money and as I've continued to work with this process, I now trust that I will always have more than I need is increasing. I have a more harmonious relationship with my money and I am now willing to really look at it and make decisions based on the value I will receive versus whether or not I can afford it.


Elaine Torrance-Gingrich |

When I did the Money Mindset training I was still working 80 hours a week between my business and this other job. I was working with many clients who didn't appreciate me, and also working with clients either in no packages or very small packages and I was lucky if I had 1 day off a week. I was basically working ALL the time and nothing seemed to be getting better. 


Now, since taking the Money Mindset Training Intensive, I am way pickier about my clients, I love almost everyone I'm working with, and they are fun, energizing, appreciative, and committed. I quit my other job, I don't work weekends anymore, and this year I already booked $113,998 in income for 2014, with over $5k already booked for 2015.  


Rebecca Zook |


While going through the Money Mindset Training Intensive with Heather Dominick, I realized that my life has been a long story of no money and a lot of struggle with earning and having money. And also money made me unhappy.


Then, after finishing the training all this money started to come into my life, because I OPENED UP TO RECEIVE MONEY! As a result of that, I am charging double for my services, I am putting money in savings, I bought MY DREAM CAR from part of lottery money I received and in January 2015 I will change the tax name of my company that I am using a part of the lottery money for that 4000USD project! This program has set me FREE! 


Ingibjorg Thengilsdottir |

The Money Mindset Training Intensive gave me the awareness that charging what I am worth in my coaching business—and getting help to systematically build it so it could fully support me—has been a struggle because I don’t value what I have to offer; even though I know the tremendous difference I’ve made in people’s lives!


This training helped me get really honest not just about my relationship with money, but also my understanding about my self-worth and how it can show up in very insidious ways. The combination of what I like to call “head and heart” approaches makes the Money Mindset Intensive training a truly holistic experience.


Martha Grier |

I absolutely loved listening to the Money Mindset Training Intensive. Finally, after years of listening to countless programs about money, I had found one that actually made sense to me!


After each recording, I knew that something had already shifted, enabling me to show up differently. I love learning such an organic and effortless way.


This program is also one that you can listen to over and over and find something new each time. Why stay stuck? You are here to do amazing things - don’t let your money struggles get in your way…


Deborah Shimer |


After taking the Money Mindset Training Intensive with Heather Dominick, I used the exercise, to have a therapy session with money, for 30 days straight! I learned how I treat money is how I treat myself and others. As a result I became crystal clear on the kind of relationship I wanted with money. One of the many things was appreciation of what money does for me and what I do for money.


Shelly Steffen Byrne |

I now have a deeper appreciation for money and I feel so much more at peace with my connection to money. As a result of this connection, I feel more aligned, confident and grounded when asking for a sale. I doubled my salary since using this program and have comfortably enrolled numerous clients into various programs with grace, ease and flow.


Adrianne Rowe |

I found myself paralyzed with fear that I would not reach my goals. Fortunately I had the invaluable support from Heather who had not only gone through her own process but had created a system for others to navigate through. It was the beginning of a mind shift that I know attracted my first client.


Heather’s Money Mindset Intensive Training instead puts a face on what you value around money. I felt empowered in this process to break down the barriers around my own attitudes toward money and to demystify the manifestation of money.


Wendy Neu |


Just a few years ago, I had so much fear around money, I was so afraid to take a look at what was going on with me personally and in my business around money, but I was so ready to change that and so this program was the catalyst to do that. Because of this program, I took some drastic actions that I knew had to be taken, but these actions led me to a place of peace, a place of faith in Spirit/Source. Now, every day, a number of times a day, I smile to myself as I watch my abundance being magnified and multiplied, as I wholeheartedly give and graciously receive.


Maria Antonopoulos |

While doing the Money Mindset Training Intensive I really saw how I needed to shift my money beliefs. I shifted from being afraid to look at money and manage it, to having a whole new appreciation for money, love of money and managing it joyfully in my daily life. The training gives you a place to talk about money. If you are like me, somewhere along the way the message came in that it was taboo to talk about money.


Vicki Draper |

Consistency and taking action, walking out of the fear were the biggest take away from doing the Money Mindset Training Intensive. Immediately new clients began showing up and my courage to ask for what I was worth and receiving it felt wonderful!! 


As a result, my confidence and self-worth are higher than they ever have been. And I am so joyous and happy! Can't wait to help someone else, and I've just gotten started!


Tawnya Perry |


Think about this...

What's “money peace of mind” worth to you?

How about 1, 10 or 20 new clients at your desired rates?

How about no longer bring prisoned by lack of money, but instead

being prosperously free?

Choose the tuition plan that is best for you:


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My Divine Promise Risk Free Guarantee

I’m confident that the information you’ll receive in the A Course in Business Miracles: Money Mindset Training will give you the tools you need so that you’re consistently and powerfully activating your HSE Strength of divine prosperity.

So, if after receiving and listening to the training, within 30 days of purchase you feel I’m not delivering on what is promised, you can withdraw in writing to and then you can apply the funds to any future Business Miracles event or products and services within one year from the date you made your purchase.


That's my Divine Promise, guaranteed!